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  • I've never gone to a place where I actually look forward to working out! This is a great place to go if you really want to see results, but also have the variety, comfort, and yet know you're going to be pushed to your limit. Everyone is there for the same reason and it incorporates not just fitness, but Mixed Martial Arts as well; It's really a great place if you're just hopping into it for the first time or if your experienced and really want a challenge. Master Reggie, Rita, Ed, and Matt are absolutely fantastic and are really there to assist you in reaching your goals and beyond. I highly recommend!

    Laura G.
  • This place is more than just a place to workout. It's a place where you feel motivated & inspired to be the best you can be. I love the workouts & the variety of exercise but most of all, I love Master Reggie, Rita, & Master Ed!! They keep me going when I feel I can't do "one more!!" This feels like home & I am so happy to say that I look forward to every workout!! I have big goals & I know White Tiger Martial Arts will be the place to assist me in not only reaching that goal, but going THROUGH that goal & into the next level!!!

    Mercy E.
  • One word..Family. Everyone there makes you feel welcome from your very first meeting. My son enjoyed every minute he spent with the instructors. They took the time to get to know my son and worked with him based on his strengths and try to help with his weaknesses as well. Overall it's been a great experience not only for my son but for me as well. Great job WTMA!!

    Anna Maria M.
  • In the beginning, I was a bit lost , my son Jaxson didn't want to go in class , very shy , and scared it was upsetting , but master reggie has a special talent with kids and he worked with Jaxson , with a balloon and little by ittle before my eyes , jaxson opened up and was running , and chasing the Balloon , I couldn't believe it ...the best I've notice from day one , the whole place is very clean ...bathroom clean, work out rooms clean smell , just very clean even outide , clean ., Rita and staff . Very nice , manners, you say good morning , they say it back, if Rita doesn't know the answer, she wll fine the answer, she works very of blessings, continue the good work ...happy holidays🎄🎁 White tiger ....cheers 🍹🍻

    Edward M.
  • I was always intimidated by gyms and exercise classes until I signed up for the 6 week challenge at White Tiger. Never have I felt so supported and motivated. Not only do I love the classes I look forward to attending every week. The instructures are amazing and inspiring!

    Lisa S.
  • My experience so far has been amazing. I have met great people. Reggie, our trainer, is a person that seems to really care about his trainees and provides great feedback, tips and helps to motivate and inspire.

    Jessica Lugo
  • Need something to help provide focus, build character, create confidence all while having fun in a supportive family-style atmosphere? If so, then White Tiger Martial Arts (WTMA) is where you need to be. Its a commitment, however it will, without a doubt... change your life. You can see the results of the school's teachings in the students that attend the school. WTMA students work hard to achieve their goals in lock-step with the right balance of social events and/or "play time" activities to maintain the correct balance life requires. If you are looking for a place to move your mind ,body and perhaps your soul forward look no further that White Tiger Martial Arts. You'll feel accepted, energized and right at home before you know it!

    Ross M.
  • So much fun! I love going here. Everyone is friendly, the place is clean and the instructors are patient with someone new like me. Looking forward to the next class.

    Vikki C.
  • Working with Reggie and his staff on the 6 week fitness challenge. The weight and inches fell off! They were kind, professional encouraging and firm. Definitely try White Tiger!

    Cynthia H.
  • White Tiger is the perfect fit for my son and my family!!!!!! They are the most skillful instructors and are so wonderful with the children. My son felt safe and comfortable with all the staff at White Tiger and I am grateful I was introduced to such a ln awesome place. Master Reggie is tough and teaches the kids respect and at the same time all the students can talk to him with any troubles they may be having and he seems to understand and gives the best advice!!!!! White Tiger gets 5 stars in our book!!!!!!!!!

    Elena K.
  • We began with WTMA with a 6 week special and we were blown away... so we decided to join full time. We liked that Master Reggie not only facilitates classes but he also delegates these duties to the younger members of WTMA. This instills in them a sense of responsibility, leadership, and giving back. We are looking forward to our children doing the same. All of the instructors from the highest rank to the lowest know our children by name. WTMA also assigns homework (for ages 5 and up) so that they are constantly practicing and putting into play their skills. WTMA not only teaches an art form, but discipline and respect for one another. WTMA has helped both of our children in developing their self esteem and a great sense of belonging. It has helped our daughter with her balance and focus, and our son with discipline. We are 100% pleased with WTMA.

    Chaney H.
  • My 11 and 13 year old boys journey at Taekwondo has been an awesome journey. They have further developed and learned many life skills such as self control, self confidence, respect for self/others, perseverance, self defense and physical fitness. The program is very motivating for children as they are always working towards the next belt rank. At each level there is new curriculum which keeps the learning environment fresh and exciting. Master Reggie does a fantastic job of balancing their fun/firm teaching style. The kids form friendships and they always looking forward to seeing each other in class. It has been a wonderful 6 year experience at White Tiger Martial Arts. I highly recommend this program for your child.

    Samah A.
  • White tiger martial arts is a very nice place where your kids can learn self confidence besides learning such a good sport ..the team there is very nice and respectful ..they teach the kids in a very simple and easy way ..

    Jalal V.
  • White Tiger Martial Arts is more than just a is a community. We are so happy with the decision we made to sign up our daughters. They have truly learned more than Taekwondo as they practice life-long skills. We spend an hour and a half at White Tiger two days a week (while both our daughters take classes) and they don't want to leave! They love their instructors and friendly atmosphere. Master Reggie and all the instructors are so pleasant and make you feel like family. We are so grateful for them and the care and attention they give our children.

    Update 11/23/16: Our daughters love going to their TKD classes at White Tiger Martial Arts...still! Our kids tylically like something for a hot second and then they get bored...this is NOT the case here. They leave learning new skills and continue to make new friends as new students enroll. White Tiger Martial Arts is the best investment we have made for our daughters and we appreciate the families we have gotten to know better and consider friends. Thank you for continuing to give our children the best instruction and life skills, Master Reggie. We are so happy be a part of the family.

    Jeanny P.
  • I would highly recommend White Tigers!! I joined White Tigers Martial arts to become fit and learn a new skill (Muay Thai)and in the years that I've been there the instructors & members have become my second family. It's where I go to relieve stress and get fit in the process. I am currently enrolled in combat fitness and my stepson also enjoys attending the taekwondo class. I would recommend the school to anyone who's looking to seriously learn a new skill or just wants to shed a few pounds and get fit in a great family oriented environment with great qualified instructors.

    Zoraida R.
  • White Tiger Martial Arts is outstanding! Master Reggie and his team are very supportive of the children, yet challenge them to be the best that they can be. Most importantly, they still allow kids to have fun in the process. Hats off to Master Reggie and his team!

    Danielle S.
  • Great place ! My son was taking karate classes there almost for a year and very enjoyed it ! Nice staff, pleasant environment. Have to leave for a personal reason, but hope to come back. Will definitely miss it! Thank you !

    Victoria O.
  • White Tiger Martial Arts is a place filled with the most welcoming and knowledgeable people when it comes to their craft. I couldn't imagine a better place to train. If you're looking for the real deal I would only recommend this place.

    Chad Z.
  • There is no place I would rather train! The instructors are fantastic, the people are great, and it's a place I call home.

    Jimmy M.
  • Amazing place. I wouldn't train anywhere else. Love the school, the instructors, the people. Definitely the place to be.

    Felix T.


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